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Set & Staging

The foundation of every dream lies in the set and staging, since it adds to the authenticity of the theme and overall aura. Like fairytales in a palace or romance on a cruise, where the setting sets the mood and guides our expectations, we understand the importance of the perfect set for an event as the key ingredient behind its success.

Our set designers are experts who offer the best set design in keeping with the selected theme. Our skills in set and stage design allow us the flexibility to customize the design for large conferences, and exhibitions to big budget musical extravaganzas and award shows. Our state-of-the-art and customized stage design would be apt to create the desired impact for your live events, films and TVCs.

With our vast team of carpenters, set builders and scenic design artists, we can build up complete sets or stages on-site for corporate events, weddings, promotions, films & TVCs. The set designers and scenic design artists can whip up any concept, from bespoke displays, custom made bars, to ramps for fashion shows, and large projector surrounds. They can recreate fantasy lands and theme worlds for weddings, entertainment events or promotions at any location.

With the best set designs, using the expert set and staging services of the Purple Chariot, you maximize the impact and recall value of your event.

Moreover, since we truly value each client, our endeavor is to forge lasting relationships through our attention to detail, and flawless execution.

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